A Picture Paints 10,000 Words

This particular blog post is a favorite recurrent theme of mine: The Rhetoric of Visual Communication. You see, it is my belief that Rhetoric in general, is a superpower, and if the premise holds true, that a picture is worth ten thousand words, then that would make visual communication a SUPER superpower. Let me takeContinue reading “A Picture Paints 10,000 Words”

Time Management in the Word Crone Cottage

Time management is always a struggle for me. Lots of ideas. So little time to actualize. Okay, actually a lifetime of time, but if I am living every day as if it’s my last, then that’s not a lot of time! 😀 I do try to tackle large projects by breaking them down into tinierContinue reading “Time Management in the Word Crone Cottage”

Cozy Southern Mystery: What’s Behind Curtain Number 3?

In the vein of blogging and stretching the topic to encompass that which I write (Southern Gothic Cozy Mysteries) and setting a weekly goal toward completing my pandemic project of converting my garden variety (pun intended) shed into a writing studio, I’m back again this Friday with the near-completion of the fourth side of theContinue reading “Cozy Southern Mystery: What’s Behind Curtain Number 3?”