Inch-by-Inch, Wall-by-Wall…

It’s Friday, which means another corner of the Word Crone Cottage gets a reveal! This week’s task was the gable of the cottage, but as there was little to do to carry it around the corner, I’m including the gable and the other corner of this end of my office. This marks the half-way mark to completion!

I think I can safely self-diagnose as one of those special little butterflies with ADHD. It’s unfortunate that it has such a pejorative moniker. Attention DEFICIT Hyperactivity DISORDER describes it in adversarial terms, focusing on the limits created by this alternative means of processing information. But for those of us who can boast that particular means of processing information, it means the ability to make connections from a unique perspective, enhanced creativity, etc. It does, however, offer challenges to coping within the constraints of a traditional educational methodology, traditional 9-to-5 work, completing tasks set by others, etc.

For me, the greatest coping strategy I have is the ability to focus on short-term goals. I have difficulty staying on task if there is a great delay of gratification. With the Word Crone Cottage, I can imagine what it will look like when completely finished, but to tackle that entire project with that mindset? I’d be happy to dream about the outcome rather than tackle what I would perceive as an overwhelming task. But, If I break the tasks down into smaller bits with the more attainable goal to come on a weekly basis, well, that’s something even this willo’-the-wisp can handle. It’s the same strategy I use to complete a novel.

So I hope this inspires someone, a little, to tackle that giant project you’ve been dreaming about. Break it down into its smaller pieces, set small goals, and enjoy the journey. In the meantime, make some art, read some books. Enjoy!

Word Crone Cottage

Never mix plaid and floral?

The Magic of Space…

Whether it’s world building in fiction, or the physical space in which we work, I believe it can have an impact on what we do, who we are…

In continuation of the Friday tour of the Word Crone Cottage, this week, I finished the double doors on one end of my office. The doors are… were… the standard cheap double doors, treated plywood construction, that come standard in those little pre-fab sheds. There were not a lot of windows in the building, so when I thrifted four used windows, it was my plan to install them in the plywood double doors like full-French doors. Unfortunately, the bottom windows would cut into too much framing, so I decided against and opted to insulate, panel, and paint the bottom halves. The plaid is a work-in-progress. I underestimated the amount of time it takes to tape, paint, remove tape, wait for paint to dry, before doing it all again with the next color. I’ll add two more accent colors and next week’s tour will include the new, improved plaid panels, as well as the gable over the doors.

It’s the journey…