School is Closed for How Long?

For those of you new to this blog, who happened to land here by way of a misstep or because someone said, “hey, there are some ideas for how to fill your day with the kids at home,” I am a novelist. I spend my days as a hermit on the regular, so take that,Continue reading “School is Closed for How Long?”

Giveaways: The Great Multi-Cultural Experiment

Ahhh, the vagaries of hosting a blog give-away. It sounds like a great idea. I’ll just give away a few copies of my book as a promotional thingy. You know? To get new followers? I advertised it. I think I did. I blogged about it… I think. I posted it somewhere. I put it onContinue reading “Giveaways: The Great Multi-Cultural Experiment”

It’s Snowing in Sofie’s World

Welcome to the Christmas in my head… Come on. Walk with me down Main Street! (We’ll cut through the park.) It’s not far now. (Crunch, crunch, crunch.) This is it… Can you hear the music coming from inside? As we step inside, we are greeted by the smell of cookies… …the sound of a cracklingContinue reading “It’s Snowing in Sofie’s World”

May the Fourth… Be With You Too—Or How STAR WARS is rife with writerly advice

(All quotes herein are those of Master Yoda.) “NO! Try not. Do or do not. There is no ‘try’.” And that’s how you define a writer. A writer is not trying. A writer writes. If they “do not”, but talk about when they are going to write, then they’re not a writer. Yeah, sure, someContinue reading “May the Fourth… Be With You Too—Or How STAR WARS is rife with writerly advice”

Murder and Taxes

Okay, okay, it’s “death and taxes”… unless you’re a writer, in which case, it’s murder and taxes. I know, a lot of people dread April 15th. Not me. I revel in it. No, I’m not an accountant making bank (and getting very little sleep), AND as such, take anything I say with a grain ofContinue reading “Murder and Taxes”