My Cat Was a Diva Before…

That's unkind of me. She's a lovely kitty. She is just very refined. She prefers to point out the mouse to me and let me handle the messy end of things. But now, after seeing her beautiful glossy magazine debut, she's gonna be impossible to live with! It's all about the life of a writing… Continue reading My Cat Was a Diva Before…


The Future of A.I.?

This is a slightly more optimistic post about the potential of A.I. in case you, like me a couple of months ago, are in the throes of depression, working your way through a half-gallon of Butter Crunch ice cream, and having a crisis of purpose. A friend just sent me an article about A.I. coming… Continue reading The Future of A.I.?


Words: Out and About

Or if you're an old Virginian, the words are "oat and a-boat." All that just to post a monthly reminder of what I have out there in the publishing ether. Drum roll... INDIGO CHILD - a new Kindle Vella serialized urban fantasy. DEATH OF A SERIAL HUSBAND - A cozy mystery. PLAIN JANE - A… Continue reading Words: Out and About


I’m Going All Dickensian

That's a pretty big-headed blog post title, but bear with me. What could I possibly have in common with Charles Dickens? Well, we were both writing popular fiction, and now, we will both be writing in a serialized format. Yep, I just uploaded the first three episodes of a piece of writing I've been holding… Continue reading I’m Going All Dickensian


Don’t Wait for Permission

“What are you doing with yourself these days?” Twenty-years ago, someone asked me that question from the next aisle over in the grocery store… and I flinched. “I type,” was my response. “I type… a lot.” Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay What the what? I had just published my first novel. The advance wasn’t huge,… Continue reading Don’t Wait for Permission

Writing with Intention

Books and Publishing in ‘Gator Waters

Traditional publishing has a caché – amongst readers and promoted by those in the marketing department. The question I still receive most often is, “where are your books published?”, the subtext being, if it’s self-published, it is a lesser beast. Well, maybe I just traded one beast for another. Both Traditional publishing and Self-publishing can… Continue reading Books and Publishing in ‘Gator Waters


From Page to Screen: Cozy Mystery Book-to-TV Adaptations

Part of the magic of cracking the cover of a new book, (and yes, I just admitted to cracking the spines of my paperback books) is the participatory component of storytelling. Image by Maria Zangone from Pixabay I have to acknowledge that there is a different UX (User Experience) when a story is delivered through… Continue reading From Page to Screen: Cozy Mystery Book-to-TV Adaptations


Cozy Mystery Settings: A Charming Village for a Whodunit

When I tell folks I write “Cozy” Mystery, it is often followed by a blank look while their gears and cogs translate the term. More often than not, coming up empty, they ask, “what is a ‘cozy’ mystery?” Fair enough, the words cozy and murder, mystery, whodunit, are not exactly twins of the same mother,… Continue reading Cozy Mystery Settings: A Charming Village for a Whodunit


A.I. and the Future of Authors… The Scary Truth

The proof is in the pudding. Here’s the effect of AI on writing. In a new conversation with Chat GPT (the AI program I am using) I have asked it: “Chat GPT, please outline a blog post about AI on the future of writing.” To which Chat GPT responded with a three-and-a-half-page blog post on… Continue reading A.I. and the Future of Authors… The Scary Truth