Curating Old Friends

There was a recent discussion amongst some writer buds about the books on our shelves. The question posed was, “am I meant to have read all of those books?” The consensus was, “no.” In my case, this is what happened: The problem is, in my case, a real estate-to-book ratio. So this week began theContinue reading “Curating Old Friends”

Death and Taxes

My computer search history could really get me into trouble. There are queries like, “how long for a body to decompose in salt water? Fresh water? In a well? What common household chemicals might be used to induce a heart attack? Paralysis? Mental Illness? Then there are queries like, “can I write off my catContinue reading “Death and Taxes”

The Word Crone Cottage

We have all learned a thing or two about adapting over the last couple of years. I’m used to working from home, so when three adults were suddenly working from home, I felt the need to carve out, as Virginia Woolf described it, “a place of one’s own.” As promised, here is the vlog coveringContinue reading “The Word Crone Cottage”

The Magic of a Calendar Filled with Intention

Yep, it’s that time when every other blogger posts their “how to” on goal setting, starting a calendar for the new year, journaling, etc. I’m no different. My particular take on it though is to create a calendar filled with intentions, goals, rewards, and magic. So without further delay, let’s manifest together! I keep whatContinue reading “The Magic of a Calendar Filled with Intention”

Clearing the Dust Bunnies

I’m jingle-jangling, and cookie baking, and gift wrapping! Woot! I love this season! And yes, I always bite off more than I can chew, but I also accomplish more than I plan. It all comes down to getting organized, having a curated to-do list, and blocking off the hours in which I have to doContinue reading “Clearing the Dust Bunnies”

Illustrated Mysteries?

I didn’t post on Friday. Why? Because I was having a crisis of purpose. Then it hit me, I don’t need to compromise, do I? You see, my goal, since elementary school, was to be an illustrator. My best friend, Paige, was committed to becoming a writer, and because we did everything together in firstContinue reading “Illustrated Mysteries?”

St. Joseph and Caring for the Aged

This story falls under the “truth is stranger than fiction category.” It is a re-write of a short non-fiction story I recounted about a decade ago. It seems worth repeating. Some years ago, we found ourselves grappling with the dilemma of how to handle care for older parents. The solution in our case, was toContinue reading “St. Joseph and Caring for the Aged”

The Universe has Spoken (da da dum…)

It’s a feeling, an impression, the hair rising on the back of your neck, an irritation of the bowel… That nagging sense that something is amiss. Thus is the feeling I have for this, my most recent manuscript. Yes, I was ready to hit that plunger like a nervous contestant on Jeopardy, but I hesitated.Continue reading “The Universe has Spoken (da da dum…)”

Reconnecting with Community

Writing is a crazy solitary endeavor. Hours, days, months, sitting “alone” in the Word Crone Cottage. Okay, I’m not alone. I have some accountability partners who check in every morning to give me a reason for hitting the keyboard by 9 am. (Okay, I’ve been rolling in around 9:30.) Even after we check in withContinue reading “Reconnecting with Community”