I’m Going All Dickensian

That’s a pretty big-headed blog post title, but bear with me. What could I possibly have in common with Charles Dickens? Well, we were both writing popular fiction, and now, we will both be writing in a serialized format.

Yep, I just uploaded the first three episodes of a piece of writing I’ve been holding in the hopper for a while, because 1) it is off brand with my usual cozy mystery, and 2) the venue was not available, and 3) I originally wrote it as a screenplay.

I was off-line for a while as I was uploading the first three chapters of this fantasy fiction. Never fear, the rest is already written. Just needs tweaking.

So if you’re interested in a little fantasy, feel free to check it out. It is available through Amazon Vella. I’m not really sure how the average reader finds it, but for anyone reading this, you can read the first three chapters for free at:

Indigo Child

Hope you enjoy! – Sofie

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