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Book Release!!!

Finally. Whew. It’s here, er, there, er, out in the ether.

And speaking of ether…

Something sinister is brewing in the Poropotank riverside community.

Rocky Smith is a serial husband: married three times, divorced twice, and murdered on a Friday. Instead of heading off to the afterlife, he perches atop Grey’s Hotel overlooking the small southern river town he has called home his entire life. Using his sharp journalistic skills, he is attempting to puzzle out his own murder, handicapped by memory gaps that return as those from the world of the living uncover clues.

Skye Blue, wife number three and recovering flower child, is the primary suspect in her husband’s suspicious death. By day she works in her antique shop as a matchmaker for lost items and people while navigating the nuanced, tight-knit southern community that refuses to accept her as one of their own. But with the help of two of Rocky’s ex-wives and sustained by the subtly magical Main Street diner, they are seeking the answer to Rocky’s death. A trail of breadcrumbs, in the form of violation notices, lead to several likely suspects… 

The mayor’s husband is having an affair with a young constituent, someone has embezzled a large sum of money from the yacht club, and a new face in town is conspiring to facilitate a land grab. Rocky and Skye, on opposite sides of the ether, are tangentially unravelling a tangle of greed, lust, and martyrdom with a serving of grits on the side. 

I hope you enjoy it! Here’s a link, in case browsing turns to actual buying. DEATH OF A SERIAL HUSBAND

(Print edition coming soon.)

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