The Word Crone Cottage

We have all learned a thing or two about adapting over the last couple of years. I’m used to working from home, so when three adults were suddenly working from home, I felt the need to carve out, as Virginia Woolf described it, “a place of one’s own.” As promised, here is the vlog covering how I turned an unfinished storage shed, stuffed with furniture from our antique shop, into an office/studio.

Some of the “behind the scenes” story:

I tripped while carrying one of these porch posts to the loft and concussed myself. I remember falling, but could not remember how I arrived at my desk. (Yes, I called my husband on the phone. He checked on me every fifteen minutes the rest of that day. <3.)

The ceiling is covered by eight 4X15ft. drop cloths. I made sure they could be removed for washing. Unfortunately, hanging out in the ceiling “hammocks” is one of Scout’s favorite places to supervise the work below.

I was inspired to finish the office/studio… because it was cold and impossible to heat until the ceiling was insulated. I had to move the writing work to the dining table during the coldest part of the project.

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