The Universe has Spoken (da da dum…)

It’s a feeling, an impression, the hair rising on the back of your neck, an irritation of the bowel…

That nagging sense that something is amiss. Thus is the feeling I have for this, my most recent manuscript. Yes, I was ready to hit that plunger like a nervous contestant on Jeopardy, but I hesitated. I pulled my hand back from the plunger.

Just FINISH the damn book, I keep hearing over and over. I should have finished. It was “finished”… only not. So I sent it out to a few Beta readers and alas, the readers are getting back in touch. Nope. Not ready. Do not flush. Do not pull that cord. Just… do… not…

So here I am, calling it. It will not have a pre-release date. Not yet. There will be no pre-Christmas sales, no promotional roll out to catch the wave. I turn in on myself, listening for more signs from the universe. Well, the universe has spoken, at least for now. It said, “put your butt back in that seat, woman.”

1 thought on “The Universe has Spoken (da da dum…)”

  1. Oh, Sofie! I feel your pain. Congratulations on the fortitude to hold off until you feel the book is truly ready. Now, let’s hope the universe speaks to you promptly about what your story needs. Wishing you all the best!

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