Findin’ My Peeps at Comic Con

I’ve been remiss in my blog posts for the past two weeks, but I was doing research, i.e., on vacation, finding my peeps.

Montreal Comic Con 2022.

This year took me all the way to Montreal, Canada for the Montreal Comic Con, 2022! What a hoot!

Jedi and Queen, filtered to protect the innocent… and because my camera is awful.

I was there with our in-house Comic-Con talent, UNSOCIALIZED BIRDMAN.

Rare Unsocialized Birdman sighting!

If you’ve never been to a Comic Con before, you might wonder what goes on at such a place. Basically, it’s a venue to meet and greet people of similar ilk, people who have a shared admiration for any of the following: anime, comics/graphic novels, novels, superheroes, sci-fi fantasy, new gamer tech, Cosplay, board games… People whom, if you asked, “what sort of bender is Aang?” would say, “air bender” without hesitation… from behind a rubber face mask.

(left to right) Katara, Aang, and Toph.

Different comic cons specialize in different stuff. There are Sci-fi specific cons (short for conventions), boardgame-specific cons, anime cons, graphic novel cons, mystery cons, but the big cons try to showcase actors from attendees’ favorite shows.

A member of the rebel forces chats up a fairy selling swag.

Characters from the Harry Potter series, Bonnie Wright (Jenny Weasley) and Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) were at the Montreal Comic Con. You typically have to pay extra to snap their photos. I did not, and having arrived late, did not catch a glimpse, although I did see Bruce Boxleitner (Tron, Scarecrow and Mrs. King) across a crowded room of Orks, fairies, and furries. No matter. I had a wonderful time admiring the creativity of other attendees who are very accommodating in having their own photos snapped.

Some furries… some taking a break from being furries.

It was weird. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but I think… yeah, I’m pretty sure if I had to choose who I’d want at my side during the apocalypse, I think I’d take a room full of people in odd costumes who believe in the Prime Directive, who have taken to heart a code of honor, who believe in defending the underdog. I think I found my peeps at Comic Con.

A Sims Family at Comic Con!
Captain British-America? Not sure, but she’s bad-ass.

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