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Recently, I’ve been trying to synthesize my writing routine. Last week, I blogged about the rituals that get my engine revving. But what comes after the “start rituals”? I mean, novel writing is a big task and I’m more of a “tiny steps” kinda gal, so obvs, I break everything down into small, manageable steps. As a result of my need to be more efficient, constraints of the pandemic, and the need for space, organization, and increasing my word county, I’ve been timing my writing sessions.

pomodoro – it’s “tomato” in Italian

Turns out, there’s a whole trend on this called Pomodoro.

Named after the Italian word for tomato, it harkens to the little tomato-shaped kitchen timers. Of course, any timer will do the trick, or you can plug “Pomodoro technique” into youtube and you’ll get a nifty little timer pre-set for twenty-five minutes. And that’s it. You write for twenty-five minutes, then take a five-minute break. Of course, you can set a timer for longer periods. Work for an hour and take a 10-15 minute break, but my physical therapist told me I should get up and move more often, so 25 minutes it is. And, in all honesty, my 5-minute break often expands to 10-15. I use my break to take a walk around the yard.

So for me, it’s 25 minutes of writing, 5-15 minutes of walking that has evolved into gardening/landscaping, one little corner of the yard at a time, and wouldn’t you know it, it has had a positive impact on my yard as well.

So today, I bring you my relaxation project – the pathway that I’ve carved around the perimeter of the yard. It’s easier to show that than it is to show the writing which, honestly, is just 145 pages of type, much like this, only without the pictures.

On top of the walk-about every 25 minutes, yesterday began the launch of the house renovations. There’s nothing grand going on there and honestly, it doesn’t photograph well, but as it comes to fruition, I’ll start sharing the reno project that takes place in the late afternoon, when the writing sparks are all petered out.

Until then, I hope you find some benefit from Pomodoro, whatever your big project may be, and enjoy the pictures of my writing downtime. In the meantime, I hope you make some art, read a book!



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