Spinning Yarns… into Knots

After all this time, I still need to reference the framework for plotting a novel. I have a tendency to ramble (if you hadn’t noticed.)

Recently, I’ve been enthralled with mysteries. I’ve got so much to learn, such a long way to go! Every advance in learning ignites belief that I’ve finally “got it.” Then reality kicks my butt and I write myself into another corner… until I learn the next bit, and I’m on my way again.

For the past month, I’ve had a back problem. Anyone who has suffered from pulled muscle and bulgy disc will feel very sorry for me. Much time has been spent in a recliner instead of in the garden. More time has been spent making lists and using Pinterest to plot and plan my next home renovation, than to enact it, but eventually, I had to make my hands busy. Mornings are spent on the keyboard, working on the next novel. (A mystery series coming your way.) But afternoons are filled with spinning a different sort of yarn, something I can do from the relative misery of my new recliner.

Scout, helping with the macrame lampshade project.

It began with a “how-to” kit on macrame wall hangings. I’ve had to order three more skeins of cord and now I’m finishing up a lampshade cover. All of these bits will eventually find a home with my daughter and her soon-to-be husband! (In just twenty-two days we get a son-in-law!)

My first macrame projects!

I’m not sure macrame has a place in my home. Maybe in the form of a hammock? Possibly. I like things that serve a purpose, and I think I could make good use of a hammock… with my back. Whew.

The macrame lamp shade (untrimmed) on its floor lamp.

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