A Picture Paints 10,000 Words

This particular blog post is a favorite recurrent theme of mine: The Rhetoric of Visual Communication.

You see, it is my belief that Rhetoric in general, is a superpower, and if the premise holds true, that a picture is worth ten thousand words, then that would make visual communication a SUPER superpower.

Let me take you on this journey, my explanation for how I arrived at this bold statement:

IF per Aristotle, Rhetoric is the art of discovering the available means of persuasion with regard to any situation, then that could be construed as mind control. If that’s true, then a thing, a picture, which is worth ten thousand words, would have the power of a written rhetorical argument, but ten thousand fold! Voila. A SUPER superpower.

So the next time you encounter a rhetorician, just remember, you’re in the presence of a superhero… or perhaps a supervillain. Mwahahaha.

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I am an author/illustrator of southern gothic, cozy mystery, and sweet romance. When I'm not creating characters, I'm building worlds, both literally and, er, literally. Check out my blog and my books and you'll see what I mean.

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