A Picture Paints 10,000 Words

This particular blog post is a favorite recurrent theme of mine: The Rhetoric of Visual Communication.

You see, it is my belief that Rhetoric in general, is a superpower, and if the premise holds true, that a picture is worth ten thousand words, then that would make visual communication a SUPER superpower.

Let me take you on this journey, my explanation for how I arrived at this bold statement:

IF per Aristotle, Rhetoric is the art of discovering the available means of persuasion with regard to any situation, then that could be construed as mind control. If that’s true, then a thing, a picture, which is worth ten thousand words, would have the power of a written rhetorical argument, but ten thousand fold! Voila. A SUPER superpower.

So the next time you encounter a rhetorician, just remember, you’re in the presence of a superhero… or perhaps a supervillain. Mwahahaha.

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