Goals and Habits

One of my favorite things to do is to begin a new journal. Journals are great for:

Starting a new book
Starting a new year
Scheduling the bits that go along with writing – completion of books, social media posts, deadlines, etc.

I love books – all kinds. I make books for a living, but not just the fictive kind. I enjoy making books for journaling too. But I never let the absence of a new journal stop me from starting a new journal. I just grab up a handful of printer paper, (or I print out my template of dotted paper), soak it in a cup of extra strong instant coffee, dry it, iron it, then zip up the signatures on my handy sewing machine. It’s kind of magical.
Blank journal signature, all ready to go.​ 
There’s also something magical about the smell of books. Add to that, coffee soaked pages, and you’ve got quite the powerful tool.

So go ahead. Join me in making books. Stitch up some pages. Read some books while you’re at it. Make some art. Make magic.

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