Giveaways: The Great Multi-Cultural Experiment

Ahhh, the vagaries of hosting a blog give-away.

It sounds like a great idea. I’ll just give away a few copies of my book as a promotional thingy. You know? To get new followers?

I advertised it. I think I did. I blogged about it… I think. I posted it somewhere. I put it on my calendar, because what seemed like a fun thing at the time, is an actual commitment. If you advertise it, you’ve gotta follow through. So today, what is it? January 13th? I felt uneasy. What was I forgetting? Then it occurred to me. Dadgum it! I forgot to pull a name for the giveaway!

So off I trek to my web-site, took me fifteen minutes to figure out how to get the list of followers… all fifteen or so of them… then I had to figure out how to pull a name without bias.

My Tea Party Hat

Out comes the proverbial hat, only it’s a real, literal hat. I wrote the names on little bits of paper, pulled one at random from the hat. (I chose the straw one. It just felt right.) and Voila!

My “workin’ in the garden” Straw Hat

The name chosen: “History of royal India”. It’s a fun blog, filled with many things royal Indian – recipes, beautiful sand art, a discussion of Christmas (in an Indian language), beautiful places to visit in India, as well as an interesting fitness video that looks similar to tai chi.

So what did I do? I “followed” the blog, of course. Okay, as a promotional tool, giveaways might not be my bliss, but this experiment has proven to be pretty cool. It’s a multi-cultural sharing (if I ever hear back from History of royal India.) I’m off to make some chai. I can practically smell India coming from the kettle in the next room. BTW, if I don’t hear back from “History of royal India” I’ll pull another name out of the literal hat. Who said giveaways are not worthwhile? Next time? It could be you, “BlackWings666,” or you, “Lucid Being”. (Disclaimer: that’s not a promise. I said it “could” be you. You followed my blog for the low-down on sweet romance, YA paranormal, and cozy mystery, right?)

Published by Sofie Couch

I am a multi-published, award winning author of romantic comedy and cozy mysteries... with just a dash of paranormal thrown in for good measure.

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