When To Quit the Day Job?

Maybe you’ve been writing for a while, and now you’re asking yourself, when can I quit my day job

The simple answer: don’t. Unless you just received a 7-figure advance, go out and get another job that’s tolerable, but my best advice is to keep your day job…

And in this series of blog posts, I’m going to tell you why it’s important to hedge your bets by keeping your day-job.

day laborer
  1. Why Keep the Day Job
  2. Developing Passive Income Streams
  3. How to Get Out From Under the Soul-Sucking Day Job

So join me in the first of this series when I share with you why I think it’s important to keep the day job. Better yet, follow this blog to receive notifications when new articles are posted.

For now…

Go Write Some Words!

(Disclaimer: This series consists of my humble opinion. Every situation is different. This is simple homespun advice based on my own experiences. Seek business counsel, accounting advice, legal advice, from a professional.)

Published by Sofie Couch

I am a multi-published, award winning author of romantic comedy and cozy mysteries... with just a dash of paranormal thrown in for good measure. www.sofiecouch.com

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