A Vacation… from Writing?

Nope. Can’t do it. But I tried. I had a plan to “take off” the entire month of December. Not possible. Writing is a passion. You’ve just gotta do it! But we can call it a kind of vacation, what with the holidays… and company… and whole house cleaning before company comes… and then someone in this house–someone who is overly fond of books–had the bright idea to build a reading nook… and there was that vacation imposed by a week of flu…

Me, and Jem, and Scout… and the ghosts of kitties past.

But I’m back at it again! Started the re-writes for JAIL BIRD, another cozy mystery set in the recurrent town of Poropotank. Give me a month and a half. Er, give me two months… in case something else decides to make me take another “vacation”.

In the meantime, here’s a little silly of me and my writing muses, a.k.a., Jem and Scout, our two new kitties. Could life be any better? Writing daily with cats at my feet, and on the keyboard, and wrapped around my neck.

Addendum note: my apologies for all of the bizarre links to weird ads. I know only enough to be dangerous and I haven’t figured out how to remove those pesky ads. I think I see another blog post idea in this.

Published by Sofie Couch

I am a multi-published, award winning author of romantic comedy and cozy mysteries... with just a dash of paranormal thrown in for good measure. www.sofiecouch.com

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